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    Welcome to Smutstone Wiki![edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

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    Please, read the rules. Especially before creating or editing a page!

    Update Sept 29 2021 - Combat Simulator V2.6

    After some programming and lots of experimentation we improved Combat Simulator to version 2.6. In this version you can simulate your preferred card deck/set, add whatever artifact you want to your cards, change parameter of each card - level, star value,added stones, soulbind, artifact level..

    Simulate a fight with any enemy from campaign mode, journey mode, event chapters, superboss levels that gives artifacts..etc. You can also see a list with all your artifacts and the cards that have those artifacts. Select your desired card picture style form round/icon to star 1 or star 2 pictures. You can also activate all girls and artifacts and experiment with that.

    Update August 10 2021 - Combat Simulator V2.0

    Combat simulator updated to V2.0, improved with better accuracy when simulating battles with enemies that have a deck of 7 cards, in castle map, dungeon maps and event fights.

    Thanks to user @Tumyp from discord for js programming to improve the simulator.

    Update August 6 2021 - Important

    The new Event started august 4, also yesterday the old wiki site has been closed. Everyone who has writing ability or good computer skills can write new articles.

    Update August 3 2021 - Important

    Today , very close to the new game event, i selected 2 method of commenting ..please see the following page and tell us what is better. Try it!

    Test page for the 2 commenting systems

    Update August 02 2021

    ~ i am working on completing the commenting system on the wiki

    currently i set it up as separate discussion/talk pages, here is an example:


    users create a topic and can also reply to a topic... for that they need to click the discussion button on the top right side of any page.

    ~ however if anybody think it is better, i can add a system where comments are at the bottom of a content page just like on fandom.(except you cant add images - i think!?!) - anyway that's in the testing... like in the bottom of this page:


    or like this:


    Update July 29 2021

    - More links have been added to the Tools menu

    - In the Gameplay menu has been added a few already created but missing pages: Journey mode, Campaign mode- story with all 6 maps...

    - Much easier to find relevant pages.

    Update July 28 2021

    A new navigation item has been made with all the tools for the game...more will be added later.

    Combat simulator will be working very soon as well.

    Update July 27 2021

    More display problem have been corrected....

    THE main navigation has been updated with more relevant pages or missing articles.

    Update July 26 2021

    All the images have been uploaded.

    We're working on the CSS styling and other error found on pages including fixing the visual chest and combat simulator.

    Visual chest Map Ready https://smutstone.miraheze.org/wiki/Visual_Chest_Map

    Update 25-july-2021

    The database has been uploaded.

    Some of the images have been uploaded but there are some problems, we're working on this.

    Some of the pages have errors , we're working to correct them.

    Update 23-july-2021

    Currently we are uploading the fandom wiki content to this new site on miraheze.

    it will be done soon.

    stand by :)

    We have a fixed the visual chest and we're working to fix the combat simulator.

    Visual chest Map Ready Visual_Chest_Map

    Things to edit

    Medium difficulty

    1. Add soulbound to the event cards that are in the - no soulbound- category. To do that go to each card hit edit and add at the end "|First card = Water Elemental" before "}}". No double quotes. Add the correct card name. Follow other examples.

    2. You can add the new event cards....i added a few of them..if you need help just ask.

    Current Event starts sept 30 2021[edit | edit source | hide]

    Event 21 days - Corsair Attack Event - 7 x colored cards & 7 x colored cards - Corsair Attack Event

    Beautiful warrior girls will have to fight against invading pirates and other evil beings.

    Corsair Attack-preview.jpg

    Fun Facts[edit | edit source | hide]

    There are currently 826 articles on the wiki, 2,683 files, 1 Admins, and 6 active users.
    37,362 edits were made since this wiki was created.

    Latest Pages[edit | edit source | hide]

    • 17:06, 15 September 2022Savage Hunt Event (hist | edit) ‎[33,263 bytes]Light-777-Angel (talk | contribs) (Created page with "{{EventInfo |color=Green, Dark |duration=21 days<br>Phase 1: sep 15 2022<br>Phase 2: sep 22 2022<br>Phase 3: sep 29 2022<br>End: oct 06 2022 |title=Savage Hunt |pts= Trophy Cups |T1=150 Gold Skuls |T2=100 Gold Skuls |T3=50 Gold Skuls |currency1=Bronze Skuls / Prey Coffer |currency2=Silver Skuls / Pursuit Coffer |currency3=Golden Skuls / Predator Coffer |image=Savage Hunt-2022-logo.png}} ==New Event - Savage Hunt 2022!== A new Event in 2022! It won't be long now! '''S...")
    • 02:01, 4 September 2022Village Elder (hist | edit) ‎[399 bytes]Light-777-Angel (talk | contribs) (Created page with "{{Table card v4-2 | Type = Earth | Rarity = Legendary | Effect = Heal | Item = Golden Bra | baseAttack = 71.75 | baseHp = 103.25 | Special sed = No | Special lvl = No | Template = No | First card = Alice | Event = Bloody Carnival Event | Set = Village | TournCard = No | Obtain = It was found in the Bloody_Carnival_Event Coffers during Bloody_Carnival_Event.<br>Part of the Village Set (VL). }}")
    • 11:42, 23 August 2022Summer Avalanche Event (hist | edit) ‎[33,535 bytes]Light-777-Angel (talk | contribs) (Created page with "{{EventInfo |color=Blue, Red |duration=21 days<br>Phase 1: aug 22<br>Phase 2: aug 29<br>Phase 3: sept 05<br>End: sept 12 |title=Summer Avalanche |pts= Clarion Cups |T1=150 Gold Tusks |T2=100 Gold Tusks |T3=50 Gold Tusks |currency1=Bronze Tusks / Golem Coffer |currency2=Silver Tusks / Gargoyle Coffer |currency3=Golden Tusks / Giant Coffer |image=Summer Avalanche-2022-logo.png}} ==New Event - Summer Avalanche 2022!== A new Event in 2022! It won't be long now! '''Summer...")
    • 09:58, 14 August 2022Gain Royal stone (hist | edit) ‎[24 bytes] (talk) (gain royal stone) Tag: Visual edit
    • 22:02, 5 August 2022Combat simulator Effects and artifacts (hist | edit) ‎[19,886 bytes]Light-777-Angel (talk | contribs) (Created page with "Combat simulator Effects and artifacts This are the effects implemented into combat simulator at the moment... and also all the artifacts based on these effects. The values are not hard coded.... the values for each artifact is taken from the config file.. So if the values are changed they will work right away. Example : Curse (from 20% to 35%, it is working right away with the new config file)")
    • 16:33, 3 August 2022Artifacts rebalancing: NEW (hist | edit) ‎[9,117 bytes]Light-777-Angel (talk | contribs) (new page) Tag: Visual edit
    • 19:00, 28 July 2022Golden Way Event (hist | edit) ‎[33,411 bytes]Light-777-Angel (talk | contribs) (Created page with "{{EventInfo |color=Green, Red |duration=21 days<br>Phase 1: july 28<br>Phase 2: aug 04<br>Phase 3: aug 11<br>End: aug 18 |title=Golden Way |pts= Sunrise Cups |T1=150 Gold Fans |T2=100 Gold Fans |T3=50 Gold Fans |currency1=Bronze Fans / Shellfish Coffer |currency2=Silver Fans / Serenity Coffer |currency3=Golden Fans / Harmony Coffer |image=Golden-Way-2022-logo.png}} ==New Event - Golden Way 2022!== A new Event in 2022! It won't be long now! '''Golden Way''' The scou...")
    • 23:44, 18 July 2022Account for sale (hist | edit) ‎[1,660 bytes]Eyes-of-Abyss (talk | contribs) (Created page with "Hi Guys, I play this game for more then 2 years, but now I'd like to offer my account for sale. For more questions and serious offers mail me at darkling@tajny.cz –⁠ Thanks! =='''Assets (up to date 2022-07-19)'''== '''Gems (Rubies)''': 7.435 '''Gold Boxes''': 88 '''Silver Boxes''': 11 '''Gold''': ~ 400.000 '''Titan Souls''': ~ 400.000 '''Resources''': Bomb 71 / Demise 68 / Cure 55 / Honor 68 '''Dust''': ~ 220.000 '''Chest slots in Duels''': 9 (5 slots unlo...")
    • 21:15, 4 July 2022Voice of the Deep Event (hist | edit) ‎[33,942 bytes]Light-777-Angel (talk | contribs) (Created page with "{{EventInfo |color=Light, Dark |duration=21 days<br>Phase 1: july 4<br>Phase 2: july 11<br>Phase 3: july 18<br>End: july 25 |title=Voice of the Deep |pts= Abyssal Cups |T1=150 Gold Ritual Daggers |T2=100 Gold Ritual Daggers |T3=50 Gold Ritual Daggers |currency1=Bronze Ritual Daggers / Shellfish Coffer |currency2=Silver Ritual Daggers / Octopus Coffer |currency3=Golden Ritual Daggers / Diety Coffer |image=Voice-of-the-Deep-2022-logo.png}} ==New Event - Voice of the Deep 2...")
    • 20:46, 7 June 2022Mountain Madness Event (hist | edit) ‎[32,658 bytes]Light-777-Angel (talk | contribs) (Created page with "{{EventInfo |color=Blue, Red |duration=21 days<br>Phase 1: june 7<br>Phase 2: june 14<br>Phase 3: june 21<br>End: june 28 |title=Mountain Madness |pts= Mountain Cups |T1=150 Gold Runes |T2=100 Gold Runes |T3=50 Gold Runes |currency1=Bronze Runes / Cliff Coffer |currency2=Silver Runes / Mountain Coffer |currency3=Golden Runes / Peak Coffer |image=Mountain-Madness-2022-logo.png}} ==New Event - Mountain Madness 2022!== A new Event in 2022! It won't be long now! '''Mount...")

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